Katie is Expecting!

My friend, Katie, is pretty much my pregnancy hero. She is 38 weeks pregnant here in these photos, which is much later than the 32 weeks I recommend for photos, but you’d never be able to tell here. Maybe because she did bootcamp throughout most of her pregnancy. Or that fact that she is still doing yoga. Whatever she did, she is looking fantastic. Here are a few favorites from our little mini session (at halftime during the Steeler’s playoff game!) And let’s not forget, we had to climb down, and then up a 4-foot wall to get to the grass area – and I struggled more than she did! Ha!

Cute little baby bump

First yoga pose . . . warrior, and cropped. I LOVE how this looks.

Wow. I definitely can’t do this one either.

I STRUGGLE to do this for two seconds on a good day. She held this pose for awhile. Amazing!

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