Sister and Sister Sonoma Adventure

Whenever my sister and I visit each other, we always come up with a theme for our time together. First, we had a beach adventure day, where we drove to San Clementine and then up the coast, stopping along various points including kayaking in Dana Point, fish and chips, etc. Then, we had a 4th grade adventure day where we visited a mission, at kid’s meals, went to the discovery center, and ended at the library. This time, it was my turn to visit her. She lives literally a hop, skip and 2 jumps away from the town square in Sonoma. I had never been before, and absolutely fell in love with the town. I’m actually trying to convince my husband we should move there! We had a fun-filled weekend of hiking, eating, wine tasting and writing silly poems (Limricks, I’m told they are called). My favorite part of Sonoma is it’s beauty. Anyone that’s been around me lately knows I LOVE the yellow mustards at this time of year, and the vineyards were literally covered in them. I was wishing I had set up a photoshoot or two while I was there. But sadly, I didn’t even bring my nice camera. I’m kicking myself because it’s sooooooo beautiful there. In fact, I’m already planning my trip for next spring! Here are a few pics from our trip and a limerick or two at the end.

Yep, that’s a real picture!!

Mini vineyard on our walking path

Someone’s house

Sister’s Dream House

On our walk

My morning latte – I’d go there daily if I lived there (and then be broke)

First night at Ghirardelli 🙂

Posing on the cable car (we are both scared because we didn’t want to get in trouble!)

Sister in her classroom

In Sister’s classroom (I don’t think I’d really be this excited to be reading Macbeth)

At the cheese shop (before we got pushed out of the way)

Beautiful (but slightly snobby) winery

The sisters

Wine tasting with Jenny


Sister’s crab was ‘bad’ – it tasted funny

Baskin Robbins

View from Larson Winery (my favorite)



Showing the scratch that Daisy gave me

Beautiful – I couldn’t get enough

And the Limericks! We entered these in a contest at a winery and hopefully we’ll win a prize.

We’ll always be true to our hearts
Sonoma’s wine is off the charts
Pick from our vines
Sonoma’s best wines
Because Napa makes auto parts!

The green grape said to the red
Let’s get together in bed
What they did I can’t say
But they made a rose heard what I said!

The Sonoma Valley is a beautiful place
Life here moves at the perfect pace
Have a glass of wine
At any old time
Oh, why not? Have the whole case!

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