More Hawaii

Here are some more pics from our trip to Hawaii. There are still plenty more to follow as well. These are from our day in Kona. Dan and I took an excursion that led us to some historic sites in Kona, a coffee house with Kona coffee, and a 2 hour boat ride.

On the boat ride.

Had to get a Hawaiian shaved ice in Hawaii!

After . . .

The water was a little crazy on our day in Kona.

Fun tropical flower

The lava tube at the coffee place. Kinda random.

More flora

Kona coffee!

I think these are macadamia nut trees. When the nuts are ripe, they fall to the ground.

Some hardened lava in Kona. Looks like a cow patty, if you ask me.

Plumeria tree. Super overcast sky, though.

Some dress up pictures . . . not sure what night that was . . .

Kevin and Stephanie on our dress up night.

Sarah at dress up night

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