Okay, so this is probably the easiest thing in the world but it has taken me over a year to figure out! I was having trouble with my photoshop program and it was only giving me the right tools every 1 in 20 tries. I recently joined Pictage to try them out and had to change the way I name my photos. Well somehow that was the missing link. Now my tools work 100% of the time, yay!!

So I’ve been playing with a few photos this morning and here are 2 that I’ve worked on using the skin softening feature with dramatic eyes. Take a look.

Here’s the regular photo, which looks pretty good. (it helps when you have a model as a friend!)

Now here’s the exact same photo with the things I mentioned above:

Again, regular photo . . .

And edited . . .

I’m loving it!!

Another cool photo of my friend, Jen . . .

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