Family Wine Trip

This past weekend, my family met up in the Pismo/Paso Robles area for a weekend of wine tasting, good food, and fun. Well, it was mostly fun. Dan and I left early on Friday to miss the rush-hour traffic, however, we got a flat tire, and were delayed several hours. Not to mention we then got stuck in that traffic we were trying to avoid. It took us 8 hours to get to Pismo!

So, we made the most of our tire stop and had lunch at an Italian deli. We also bought a GPS because, well Best Buy was across the street and why not? We clearly needed one as we had to call my co-worker to find us a tire store.

Yum. Sweet Potato fries. A nice alternative to potato chips. The sandwich was just okay.

We arrived in Santa Barbara at about 5pm on Friday. Is it always 75 degrees and sunny there?

Ah . . . much better. Wine tasting at our wine club, Le Cuvier!

The fam

Second stop: Thatcher Winery

Feels like we are far from home

Third stop: Pomar Junction

A little fun

Protesting diets

My parents

We certainly ate our way through the weekend. Dinner on Friday night was at Firestone in SLO. They have the BEST tri-tip ever. My mom and I shared a sandwich and a big garden salad.

Saturday, we had a picnic for lunch, and then for dinner we went to AJ Spurs. Now this place can really fool you. Inside, the decor is um, very different. Like animal heads on the ways, and very country feeling. Despite that, I had one of the best steaks of my life!! It was about $25 for a meal which included cowboy stew with meat and beans, garlic bread, salad, rice pilaf, a 6oz bacon-wrapped filet and a root beef float. Beat that!!

Sunday, we went to SLO for brunch at Big Sky Cafe. The food wasn’t quite as good as I remembered back in college, but still tasty. My favorite part was the bread basket for breakfast, which included some delish coffee cake and cornbread.

Breakfast on Sunday: mushroom benedict

After breakfast, we walked around downtown SLO. It was perfectly warm and wonderful.
We said our good-byes and headed home. What a fun weekend!

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