This is what happens when all of your friends have kids and you don’t. And you have a very spoiled dog. Because you don’t have kids.

Anyway, our sweet pup turned two today. That’s a big milestone in dog, if you didn’t know. It’s supposed to mark the end of the puppy stage and into the big dog stage. While our dog is huge at 98#, he still acts like a pup, tripping on himself and such. Maybe he will always be a puppy at heart.

So why wouldn’t we throw him a birthday party to celebrate?

I decorated

And made a cake (dog friendly, of course)

The guests:

Man of the hour

Lucy (a 4-year old golden and Colby’s girlfriend)

Lily (a 3 month old pup that lives across the street)

Opening a present from Lucy (and Lily brought him a gift card, so fun!)

The guests enjoying the dog peanut butter ice cream

Enjoying the company

Tuckered out. Thanks everyone!!

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