Can’t wait!

One of my best friends, Amanda, just gave birth last night to a beautiful baby girl!! First of all, let me go on record saying that it was her idea to get a pedicure while in labor : ) No seriously, yesterday, she was having contractions, but wanted to walk because it felt better than sitting. So Lisa and I met her in a shopping center (with lots of bathrooms) and walked around. We asked her if she still wanted a pedicure and she did, so we went to do that. Her contractions were getting worse, and after, she went outside to walk some more and at some point her water broke. She ended up going to the hospital soon after that, and around 10pm, Camdyn was born. Might I add, Amanda had no pain medication during labor. Just a lot of love, support, and prayer! She is pretty much my hero at this point!

I had offered to bring some treats by the hospital, so today, I brought cookies, magazine, and coffee (decaf, of course) with the hidden agenda of getting to see the new baby. I debated on whether or not to bring my camera, but I decided to wait until we do newborn pics next week. Mom, dad, and baby and Cadence are doing great. Baby Camdyn is beautiful and so sweet and I got to hold her for a bit while Amanda recounted the delivery process.

I’m just so happy for my friend and honored to get to be a close part of this process. Can’t wait for our pics next week! I think I’ll wait to post a picture until then : ) But here’s a fun pic from their pregnancy shoot.

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