About Me

I have always loved taking photos and capturing memories, but became really interested in photography after my wedding in 2005. I loved what people could do to capture emotion and memories and I wanted to give people that same feeling. So, I convinced my husband to buy a starter camera and went to workshops, read photo books, and assisted professional photographers to learn as much as I could. 14 years later, I have developed my own style and passion. I love to capture people interacting and having fun with each other; by freezing a moment in time.

What about the ‘Lovejoy’ you ask? It’s my maiden name. I couldn’t quite part with it so I made it part of my business name.

Things you need to know about me:
* I studied nutrition in college, and currently also work as a dietitian 32 hours/week for people on dialysis.
* I really like to cook and eat. I am a sucker for local/organic restaurants and small coffee shops.
* I have been married for 15 years (yikes!) and have an amazing 3 year old.
* My other favorite hobby is napping.
* I love learning about medicine, food, and ideas from other cultures and have been pursuing an education in holistic nutrition.